UpajGuru is powerhouse solution in agriculture and supply chain. Now, farmer can get better quality input materials at such cheaper price and unprecedented variety of suppliers from across the world. Through the Myfarmer features they will be able to manage their farm scientifically and thus produce more from their farm while spending much less. A direct increase in their earning per acre. Through our innovative social capital has a collateral concept we bring down cost of landing by 50% and blockchain for asset tracking and fund flow tracking thus direct cost savings for the farmers has will has lesser risk to the lender. We are reimagining agriculture and innovative in supply chain.

Agriculture is important for society at large, but also it is a critical part of economy.

Our Solution

Enhancing Agriculture

MyMandi on UpajGuru hosts the largest variety of input materials like seeds, fertilizers and other inputs. FPOs are connected to financial institutions through a block-chain based lending model, farmers save up to 50% on the interest cost.

Our IoT-enabled farm management services bring targeted advisories to the farmers which help them enhance their output by upto 20%.

Blockchain Powered Traceability For Enterprises

Want to know origin and certified nutritional content of the agri produce you’re buying? Or, would you like to proliferate a particular variety of crop with a social objective? Our in-app traceability solution provides you power to decide and be sure about it all.We have taken visibility and traceability in agri supply chain to another level. Now, you would never wonder whether you’re getting what you’re paying for!

For Financial institutions, our fund flow tracking model brings an unprecedented visibility on usage of funds and details of assets with the farmers. There’s better risk estimation, minimal cost of distribution and enormous reach in rural Bharat.

Secured Supply for institutional buyers and FMCG companies

No quantity is too large, no quality is too high is our Motto

We partner with FPOs to engage in sustainable sourcing practices in large geographies through aggregating 1000’s of farmers. We will ensure your supplies are consistent in quality and quantity, while no surprises on the delivery times. Whether you’re a Large Importer, an  FMCG company, a Pharma company or a seed manufacturer you can leave your raw material supply issues to us while you focus on your core business.

Product/ Solution Snapshot


Financial technology

Built over Hyper ledger fabric, Crypto KYC, Land Record, Asset and Cash Flow monitoring ensures credit to farmers, FPOS, food processors in a single click.

Supply Chain

End-to-end traceability using blockchain and automated settlement of transactions using smart contract.

Agri technology

Predictive modelling ensures better demand supply management, price predictability and risk mitigations in agri value chain.

Insurance technology

Automated insurance underwriting using our advanced Al enabled modelling, automated claim settlement using smart contracts built over hyper ledger fabric.

Research & Consultancy

Data driven primary and secondary research and data analysis with G&G’s 6D approach and root cause analysis.

Our Technology

Artificial intelligence

Al enabled price prediction, yield prediction and Risk mitigation

Augmented/Virtual reality

Automation and transparency in Agri Supply Chain

NLP/image processing Digital twin

Multilingual, peer to peer community based flow of information. Quality certification, predictive modelling

Smart contract

 Automated documentation over distributed ledger Automated triggers and settlement of mutually agreed transactions


Complete transparency and traceability of crop cultivation process, commodity flow and cash flows

Grus & Grade has been incubated at Aspire BioNEST, University of Hyderabad since 01.03.2021

+91-8425870372 info@grusandgrade.com

Reg address: B-3932, Brigade Meadows, Bangalore . 

Corp address: 23A, AspireBIONEST, UOH, Hyderabad, Telangana.



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